Gisagara: Farmers to form cooperatives

Gisagara district will help potato growers to form cooperatives to boost their produce sell.

 “Irish potatoes growers harvest high though they have no gauranteed market because they lack co-operatives and an organised way to sell produce,” says Augustin Bigirimana, Executive secretary, Kigeme Sector.

Farmers to form cooperatives

Farmers reveal that a kilo of irish potatoes cost Rwf80 and that 2 tons of the harvest are sold in Burundi daily while about 2000 tons of potatoes are not harvested.

“Irish potatoes are on high demand in Burundi.Selling potatoes enabled me build a house and aquire livestock,” says Mathias Ntwali, a Burundian Potato salesman who purchases them from Gisagara.

With co-operatives, bothe farmers and their custormers hope to reap higher in an organised way.

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