Gisagara: Gikonko Rice factory faulted for poor service delivery

Gikonko Rice factory faulted for poor service delivery

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chamber of deputies urged Gikonko rice factory administration to improve service delivery so that it generates enough profits for the country, residents and entrepreneurial sector. 

Gikonko Rice factory faulted for poor service delivery  2

The committee had visited Gikondo Factory on February 3rd 2014 in Gikonko sector Gisagara district as part of their official trip to privatized factories.

Elifaz Kabandaho (68) a rice grower for almost 40 years confirms that rice growing has helped him meets the needs of his family.

Kabandaho, like other rice growers sell rice to Gikonko rice factory through Rice growers’ cooperatives forum ‘UKORIBU’.

The price has reduced to Rwf200 a kilo compared to previous years where a kilo of rice was Rwf250, narrates Kabandaho.

Gikonko Rice factory is under the rice growers’ forum (UKORIBU) with 40 percent shares and Australian company (ICM) with 60percent shares.

Jean Karvin Kayiranga is the head of ICM while Jerome Mbonirema is the coordinator of UKORIBU.

Clotilde Mukakarangwa; vice president of the Public accounts commission in the parliament said that the concerned parties will work hard to seeing that rice prices rise and still factory owners make profits.

“Importers and exporters of rice should come together and devise means on how both the investor and rice growers can benefit from the rice without one party making money on the expense of another” Said Mukakarangwa

Gikonko Rice factory has the capacity to work on between 3000-4000 tons of rice per hour but due to the low supply of rice, it spends days without working.


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