Gakenke: Terimbere cooperative to construct modern market

m_Terimbere cooperative to construct modern market

Master plan of the modern market to be constructed by Terimbere cooperative in 2015

Terimbere cooperative for fruit sellers in Gashenyi sector of Gakenke district is set to construct a modern market worth Rwf61.2 million in 2015 that matches 2020 vision.

This was revealed on April 21st 2014 during an interview with

“We were vulnerable at first and many couldn’t afford shoes. After forming a cooperative, we are about to construct Rwf61.2 million market,” said Alex Twahirwa, Cooperative president.

Terimbere cooperative is located at Kinyanda along Kigali-Rubavu road. Members sell fruits and vegetables.

The cooperative got legal entity in 2011 and has 133 members.

Apart from fruit and vegetable selling, the cooperative members own a slaughter house that compliments their income.

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