Ngoma: Coffee growers advised on chemical fertilizer use


Coffee growers in Murama sector of Ngoma district were urged to use chemical fertilizers for increased yields. Many rural farmers have either not adopted fertiliser use or are not fully aware of its importance leading to low coffee yields.

Chemical fertilisers are any inorganic material of wholly or partially synthetic origin that are added to the soil to sustain plant growth.

“Fertilisers raise productivity of farmers, enabling them to increase income, accumulate assets, and fight poverty,” said George Mupenzi; mayor of Ngoma district.

“Use artificial fertilizer to your advantage. Mulching also increases Coffee yields,” said Janvier Niyongabire; in charge of agriculture in Ngoma district.

Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) gives fertilizers to farmers on credit which they pay back after harvesting crops. This is because some farmers lack access to loan facilities for fertilizers.

The government of Rwanda is employing everything possible to increase the country’s agricultural produce to scale up both food security and exports.

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