Gakenke: Pineapple growing improves livelihoods

m_Pineapple growing improves livelihoods

Members of ‘Terimbere mucuruzi w’imboga n’imbuto’ cooperative who deal in fruit and vegetables in Gakenke district testified that pineapple growing has improved their social and economic conditions.

Pineapples are grown on 1, 600 hectares in Gakenke district and the quality of the increased pineapple yields attracts buyers from all parts of Rwanda

‘Terimbere mucuruzi w’imboga n’imbuto’ cooperative operates in Taba cell in Gashenyi sector of Gakenke district.

 “I earn over Rwf150, 000 a month from selling pineapples. I have educated my children and own a house worth Rwf8 million,” Anastase Habumuremyi, a cooperative member

“I was in poverty before growing pineapples. I built a semi-permanent house and now sell over 800 pineapples in every two weeks,” said Claudine Mushakarugo, another member of the cooperative.

“The climate in Gakenke favours pineapple growing. Residents have improved livelihoods from high yields,” said Deny Hagenimana in charge of agriculture in Gakenke district.

In Gakenke district, pineapples grow well in Gashenyi, Minazi, Mataba and in some parts of Gakenke sector.

Eighty-nine tons of pineapples are harvested every year in these pineapple growing sectors of Gakenke district.

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