Ruhango: District to increase rice production

The factory faces a challenge of low rice quantities

The factory faces a challenge of low rice quantities


Ruhango district is set to increase rice production to enable enough supply of rice to the Gafunzo Rice Mill factory in Ruhango district.

Rice production is low in Ruhango district which makes the rice milling factory to produce 35 percent of what should be per day day.

“The district is increasing on the number of agricultural officers in rice growing cooperatives. Also rice growers are being sensitized on using fertilizers for increased yields,” said Epimaque Twagirimana, vice-mayor for economic affairs in Ruhango district.

“The obstacles that hindered rice production have been cleared. In two years time, the factory will have sufficient quantities per day,” revealed Peter Uwamahoro, Managing Director of Gafunzo Rice Mill factory.

We are doing everything possible to help rice growers to increase the yields and supply the factory, added Peter Uwamahoro.

The district plans to clear 400 hectares marshland for rice growing in order to increase the yields.

Gafunzo rice mill factory was built for the rice growers in Ruhango district under the funding of Germany agro action costing Rwf330 million.

Agro-Action-Allemande (now Welthungerhilfe) is a German international NGO working in various development sectors in Rwanda.

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