Rwanda | Burera: farmers’ cooperative gets ploughing machine

“Turwanye Ubukene” agricultural cooperative in Cyeru sector in Burera district has been given a ploughing machine in order to promote their cultivation activities.

Rwanda |    A farmer learning how to operate a ploughing machine

A farmer learning how to operate a ploughing machine

The agricultural cooperative was chosen to get the machine because it does a variety of farming activities that brings economic development of the sector and the district at large, explains Thomas Muhigirwa; cooperative president.

Muhigirwa adds that since March 2012, the machine has dug eight hectares. This area is small because it was not in use during rainy season, and it spent some time without lying idle when its driver got an accident and took long to be replaced.

Although the ploughing machine is working, there is no set plan of how the driver’s salary will be paid or who to maintain it.

Samuel Sembagare, Mayor for Burera district asserts that it was pledged in the districts performance contracts to give agricultural cooperatives two machines so that farmers use modern technology.

In partnership with the Ministry of agriculture, Burera district bought three ploughing machines and handed them to the farmers’ cooperatives, which were given four months of testing them, says Sembagare.

The mayor expresses that farmers will have full ownership of the machines after four months and that’s when measures to collect money from paying the driver and for maintenance will be taken.

The district mayor revealed that they will bring a machinery expert to show them some parts of the machines that are easily get spoilt.

While the ministry of agriculture teaches farmers how to operate ploughing machines, Burera district is in charge of buying fuel the machines use.

Turwanye ubukene cooperative has 70 members that carry out farm tasks in a swamp found in Cyeru sector.


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