Rutsiro: residents tipped on poverty eradication

The Minister of Natural Resources Stanislas Kamanzi has advised residents of Mukura sector to liberate themselves through using their land productively.

The Minister made the remarks during this month’s Umuganda community work in the Eastern district of Bugesera.

m_residents tipped on poverty eradication

Residents take part in community work making trenches to prevent soil erosion on Gako hill

The Minister advised residents with small land plots to join them and participate in Land Use Consolidation and gather big harvests.

“There is still a lot of land that is underused and produces little of what it could, make use of your land to the maximum, said Minister Kamanzi.

m_residents tipped on poverty eradication1

Minister Kamanzi asked people to use their land productively, have food independence and earn big

During the Umuganda residents dug trenches to prevent soil erosion in Gako hills; it was revealed there is a lot of land that is just there without being used.

There are Genocide survivors who remained with their families’ lands who are not capable of making use of those lands to the maximum.

m_residents tipped on poverty eradication2

Gaspard Byukusenge the mayor of Rutsiro joined Minister Stanislas Kamanzi in Umuganda

People whose fields were donned with soil erosion prevention trenches including Fidele Kageruka promised to work hard on their land and make these trenches productive.

People were again asked to maintain their land by protecting them from erosion through holding rain water and water from mountains, planting trees and grasses to hold the land.

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