Rwanda | Musanze: Research needed on new D.I grow organic fertilizer

Musanze Research

Winifred Mpembyemungu, mayor of Musanze district

On September 9th 2012, Winifrida Mpembyemungu, mayor of Musanze district highlighted that the district cannot commence use of DI grow fertilizer before carrying out a research on it.  

This was revealed during the meeting of the district authorities, sector agronomists of musanze district and heads of agricultural cooperatives.

D.I grow fertilizer comes from Accordion seaweed found in Atlantic Ocean and was discovered by Oi Ho Chooi an Australian citizen.

The district mayor notes that this type of manure is not common and it should be tested by agronomists before farmers use it.

“It’s good to be innovative in agriculture sector. Though we are told DI grow organic fertilizer prevents crops from diseases, it has to be tested before residents use it,” Mayor Mpembyemungu adds.

Apollinaire Karegeya, one of the farmers that started using DI grow asserts that it’s cheap and easy to use. In addition to being mixed with water before watering the crops, it gives animals good health when mixed with drinking water.

“D.I Grow fertilizer acts as a supplement to other fertilizers. When using D.I Grow, you reduce on the common fertilizers by 30 percent,” Karegeya explains.

Anitha Uwimbabazi, managing director of Dynapharm Rwanda that introduced DI Grow organic fertilizer in Rwanda confirmed that it’s not here to replace the common types of manure but to supplement it.

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