Huye: Farmers commend D.I fertilizer for increased productivity

D.I Grow (red cover) for flowery plants and D.I Grow (green cover)   for crops and livestock

D.I Grow (red cover) for flowery plants and D.I Grow (green cover)
for crops and livestock

Huye District residents have commended D.I Grow foliar fertilizer (Dynapharm product) for increasing the agricultural produce compared to artificial fertilizers.

Residents revealed their satisfaction on November 28th 2013 during the event to launch the sale of Dynapharm products in Huye district.

Dynarpharm makes body cleansing teas, body lotions, soap and foliar fertilizers.

D.I Grow is a foliar fertilizer formulated from rich macro and micro nutrients, trace nutrients and humic acid. It helps the growth of various vegetables, fruits and flowers while improving the quality of soil.

D.I Grow is in liquid form and is in two types. One type is used in crops and livestock while another type of fertilizer is used in flowering plants.

Ramazani Kayiranga, a farmer reveals: “I used to harvest 50 kilograms of Irish potatoes before using D.I Grow fertilizer. But now I harvest 150 kilograms after using this natural fertilizer.”

Kayiranga adds that he gave the fertilizer to his cows which increased milk production from 3 litres to over 5 litres a day.

Dynapharm coffee mixture and herbal soap

Dynapharm coffee mixture and herbal soap

Jean Baptiste Mvuyekure, a resident of Mbazi sector in Huye district who has used D.I Grow for 3 years confesses: “I grow cabbages and each weighs 6 kilograms at harvest. They are bought at between Rwf400 and Rwf500.”

Aphrodice Maniragaba his neighbor revealed: “I use artificial fertilizers but have never got increased production like Mvuyekure’s. I have always wanted to know his secret.”

Other products of Dynapharm

Asia Nyirashumbusho, one of Dynapharm members told Huye residents that becoming a member resulted from getting cured using its products.

“I had severe backache and could not bend. A relative recommended Dynapharm where I was given a medicine dubbed Fatimah by Maharani, which has totally cured me,” She said.

She explained to them on the importance of becoming a member saying you buy products at low prices, make profits on them and get paid for the same products at the end of the month.


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