Rutsiro: Residents demand new banana seeds

Residents in Rutsiro district request the government to give them a new type of banana seeds pledged to them so that they continue with banana planting.

Farmers’ plantations were attacked and ruined by a disease that made local authorities to cut them down because they yielded less, costing them high.

Residents demand new banana seeds

Azarias Habimana, a resident of Kamuzigura village, Remera cell in Boneza sector narrates that formally; his banana plantation generated Rwf100, 000 monthly

However, he says it’s difficult to get money since his banana plantation was attacked by a disease and another one cut down.

Another farmer Habimana, Beya Ngwabije from Boneza sector asserts that they depend on banana plantations to cover their expenses like school fees for children and family needs.

He explains: “I got money from selling bananas before and buy other food stuffs my family and I needed. But now it’s difficult to access such source of income.”

After banana plantations cut down, some residents changed to coffee growing to meet their daily needs though it didn’t help much because coffee prices dropped.

Jean Damascene Nsanzimfura, vice Mayor for economic affairs in Rutsiro district highlights that banana plantations that were affected by the disease were cut down so that residents are introduced to the modern methods of banana farming.

Nsanzimfura “We decided that a place be prepared in every sector where modern banana seeds can be planted”.

The vice mayor says they are optimistic that by September 2014, banana seeds will have been reproduced to get enough to give all residents to plant.

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