Gatsibo: fertilizers use increases rice production


Members of COPRORIZ-Ntende (rice growers’ cooperative) in Rugarama sector in Gatsibo district have praised ‘urée fertilizers for increasing rice yields.

Urée is a nitrogen fertilizer used in form of tablets to increase crop production.

Rice growers say that after using Urée rice yields have greatly increased.

It was pointed out on March 14th 2014 in Rugarama sector that farmers who applied it benefited from huge harvests of rice compared to other farmers

Thomas Hatangimana in charge of IFDC CATALIST 2 project explained that the rice growers’ success was also celebrated on Women’s Day because women dominate in cultivation.

“This artificial fertilizer will make cultivation easier for women by reducing on the energy used,” He said.

Maria Goreth Cyomuzaza, a member of COPRIZ cooperative testified that after using Urée tablets, productivity greatly improved than before.

Isaie Habarurema, vice mayor for economic affairs in Gatsibo district urged women to keep up the good work and exhibit their role in development.

COPRORIZ-Ntende cooperative for rice growers has 3000 members of which more than 1500 are women.

IFDC Catalist 2 project supports the use of Urée fertilizer and the objective of the project is to link the surplus production crops to identified markets.


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