Rwanda : Mushrooms should be encouraged in Rwanda, farmers told

Mushrooms are grown on a small area and are very productive and they have a stable market and mushrooms can be an answer to end poverty in Rwandan societies if those with small lands can grow them.

Mushrooms should be

Etienne Nzamwita who is in charge of sensitizing people to grow mushrooms in Good Mushroom in Gacurabwenge sector on the 24th.July.2012 while meeting with residents of Gihinga cell said that growing mushrooms can maintain and even make profits for the grower.

He compared growing beans or sorghum or soya grown on a 10 meters area and mushrooms grown on a 1 meter area where he said that money a person can get from mushrooms is much more than from what could be got from the produce of any of those crops.

He explained that beans grown on 10m2 areas can have a production of not more than 10 KGs and a kilogram is sold at Rwf400 and they are only grown twice in a year depending on climate change.

According to Agriculturalists, mushrooms grown on 1m2 can produce about 160Kgs and a kilogram of mushrooms is sold at Rwf1000 and they can be grown at least 4 times in a year.

Apart from giving enough production, mushrooms are rich with many nutrients including Vitamins B1, B2, B6, mineral salts and they can be used to fight poor eating habits in Rwanda if they can be grown well.







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