Ngororero District to plant over 800 coffee trees this planting season

Agronomist Alexis Benimana planting coffee

Agronomist Alexis Benimana planting coffee

In a bid to promote coffee growing in Nyanga Sector, Ngororero district will plant about 800 coffee trees, this planting season.

According to Alexis Benimana, the district agronomist, farmers in Nyange sector will be advised on land consolidation, forming associations that will result into cooperatives and setting up coffee factories.

Coffee is not currently grown in the area and no coffee growing cooperatives despite the fact that soils are favourable for coffee growing.


Coffee farmers expressed the challenges of lacking mulches for the young coffee trees, lack of fertilizers and storage facilities. The district promised help.

There are up to 1.1million coffee trees in Ngororero district in sectors like Matyazo, Hindiro, Muhororo and Kageyo. Some sectors boast of coffee growers’ cooperatives with drying facilities according agricultural statistics the year 2013.

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