Gicumbi to increase coffee farming by 800 hectares

m_Gicumbi to increase coffee farming by 800 hectares1

Governor Aime Bosenibamwe (middle) addressing participants

Farmers in Gicumbi district are set to plant extra new coffee trees on about 800 hectares to add to the existent 1000 hectares of coffee plantation.

The decision was taken following the advice of the Northern Province Governor Aime Bosenibamwe.

Governor Bosenibamwe said coffee would improve the district’s economy during a meeting with farmers’ cooperatives in Gicumbi district.

“Embrace mulching and use fertilizers in the coffee plantations in order to increase productivity,” suggested the governor.

Gicumbi to increase coffee farming by 800 hectares1

Jean Chrisostome Nzeyimana, in charge of agriculture in Gicumbi district says that hardworking coffee growers have attained social and economic development.

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