Kamonyi: Modern banana plants increase productivity

Residents of Kivumu cell, Musambira sector in Kamonyi district say that modern banana plants have increased productivity.

m_Modern banana plants increase productivity

The agricultural officer for Kamonyi district Justin Mukiza reveals that if modern seeds of banana plants are cared for, the yields are increased more times than other types.

Banana plantation farmers in Kamonyi district highlight that slowly by slowly they are replacing traditional types to modern ones.

However, they meet the challenge of buying FHIA 17 and FHIA 25 banana plants which cost between Rwf500 and Rwf1000 each.

One of residents and Banana farmers Anastase Niyitegeka said that increased yields are a result of advice and training on improving agriculture.

Niyitegeka says that to be successful, he approached agricultural advisers in Cyeza sector, who introduced him to modern method of banana farming.

He plants FHIA 17 and FHIA 25 types of banana plants and harvest bananas weighing between 150 and 170 kilograms.

Claudine Uwarurema from Muganza cell in Runda sector confirms that such types of banana increase productivity.

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