Ngororero: Wheat growers urged to increase yields

m_Wheat growers urged to increase yields

Wheat growers are advised to embrace land consolidation

Wheat growers in Kabaya sector of Ngororero district were urged to increase yields following the market availability. Wheat growers signed an agreement with Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) to sell the produce to them.

Wheat is used in making different types of flour and making different beers.

This was revealed during the event to launch wheat growing season in Kabaya sector in Ngororero district early March 2014.

“Commercialise wheat growing to increase yields. Land consolidation increases crop yields,” said Gideon Ruboneza; mayor of Ngororero district.

100 hectares of land have been prepared for the growing of wheat at Mbandari site as a way of increasing wheat production.

Low wheat yields was caused by climate change and using traditional methods in growing wheat.

Kabaya sector is known for the highest wheat yields in Ngororero district and won 2013 prize for successful implementation of performance contracts.

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