Gakenke: Increased Coffee yield improves livelihoods

Gakenke: Increased Coffee yield improves livelihoods

Gakenke district generates Rwf3.5 million every year from coffee

 Coffee growers in Gakenke district have commended high coffee yields for improving their social conditions.

In past five years, coffee production increased giving coffee growers increased profits for social and economic development.

“I have achieved a lot ever since I started growing coffee. I buy good clothes now and take care of my family needs,” revealed Chriseria Imanizabarera, coffee grower in Rushashi sector.

“I was vulnerable and isolated myself before I started growing coffee. With increased yields, I pay for health insurance and meet other demands,” revealed Cecile Mukahirwa, another resident.

“In five years, parchment coffee production increased from 450 tons to up to 700 tons. This increased residents welfare” said Deny Hagenimana, in charge of agriculture in Gakenke district

We have over six million coffee trees planted on over 2500 hectares of land, adds Hagenimana

There are 15 coffee cooperatives in Gakenke district and six of them run coffee processing factories.

Gakenke district generates Rwf3.5 million annually from coffee

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