Rutsiro: Farmers urged to grow more onions

m_Farmers urged to grow more onions

Onion growers in Mukura sector of Rutsiro district were urged to grow more onions for sustainable development.

Onions grow in the period of 4 months compared to other crops like cassava and their prices are higher in the market.

“Increase the land and grow more onions. This will give you surplus onions for social economic development,” said Gaspard Byukusenge; mayor of Rutsiro district.

This comes after some farmers confessed of how onion growing has improved livelihoods due to increased productivity.

“I bought seeds at Rwf20000 but earned Rwf800, 000 from the harvest. I purchased cows and met all my needs,” revealed Fidele Kageruka, a farmer.

Apart from onions, other crops like beans, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava are grown in Mukura sector.

Rutsiro district administration promised to get market for onion produce of farmers in Mukura sector of Nyagatare district.

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