Ngororero educates farmers on commercial farming

m_Ngororero educates farmers on commercial farming

Ngororero district, in the Western province of Rwanda has dedicated a week to educating farmers on the benefits of commercial agriculture. The move is aimed at moving farmers from subsistence farming to earning from their harvest.

The agricultural week will start on the December 09, 2013 and end on the 14th, 12, 2013. Lectures will range from identifying animal and crop pests, making composite manure from decomposed plants and food remains and improved farming methods to increase harvest.

m_Ngororero educates farmers on commercial farming 2

A district official addresses about the forth coming
agricultural week


Jean Paul Birorimana in charge of economic planning and development at Ngororero district asserts that farmers will be advised and trained by experienced farmers or experts.

“Experienced farmers will tell their success stories and also educate the rest on different means to earn from farming,” says Bikorimana.

Because of its remote location the biggest percentage of Ngororero residents depend on agriculture to earn a living with banana planting as the major source of income.


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