Indian businessmen to invest in agriculture

Indian businessmen to invest in agriculture

Indian businessmen with Rwanda’s Agriculture Minister Dr. Agnes Kalibata middle

Indian investors have shown keen interest in entering the Rwandan market by investing in different sectors of the country.

The government has made doing business in Rwanda easy by creating a conducive environment and offering better opportunities.

On February 6, 2014 a delegation of Indian investors headed by Prakash Jain, the Honorary Consul of Rwanda in Mumbai, were eager to know much information on different areas in agriculture sector and available facilities in setting up a business in Rwanda.

Minister Kalibata informed them that the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources is very keen to work with investors who want to bring about change in Rwanda’s agriculture sector; noting that the ministry has been working very hard to improve the agriculture output.

Minister Kalibata took the opportunity to present to the investors the country’s vision of agriculture. She for instance told them that there are huge opportunities in seed industry, horticulture and agro-processing.

“Food processing is what we are looking much bigger. Processing is an area that has huge potential,” the Minister told the investors.

In a bid to diversifying areas of investment, the minister revealed, there is a big project to export beef, noting that it’s going to be a comprehensive project in terms of processing meat and whatever comes from cows or goats.

Similarly last year, 20 businessmen lead by the Indian Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Sh.K.H. Muniyappa, visit Rwanda with the aim to discuss on ways of strengthening bilateral cooperation for MSMEs development.

In terms of market, Kalibata informed the Indian investors that Rwanda is part of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA); which presents facilities to business people when it comes to moving their commodities from a country to another.

“There is an opportunity for you to export easily your commodities to the African market,” she pointed out.

Though there is no a lot of land, the minister noted, the ministry always encourages farmers to build partnerships with investors to produce enough raw materials.

“We can help you to make sure that farmers produce whatever you may need,” the Minister ensured the investors. “Everything here is negotiable.”

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