Ruhango: Marshland cultivation, fast way to social development

m_Marshland cultivation, fast way to social development

Farmers that cultivate in Terimbere marshland in Byimana sector in Ruhango district have testified that farming in marshland leads to fast social development.

400 people who cultivate on 120 hectares of Terimbere marshland reveal that marshland increases the productivity leading to fast development.

After harvesting farmers are left with food for consumption while the rest is taken by Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) that pays them after.

Laurence Nyirahabakwiha, who started with land consolidation program in Terimbere marshland, confesses to have achieved a lot through farming like livestock and educating his children.

He says: “I get increased yields and RAB buys our produce on fair price. However sometimes we take time before RAB pays us.”

Though the biggest challenge is carrying fertilizers to the marshland, Laurence Nyirahabakwiha like other farmers, confirm that it’s better in the marshland than cultivating on the hilly areas.

This is because marshland farmers do not experience issues concerning climate change except heavy rains that cause flooding.

On the issue of delays in payment, Epimaque Twagirimana; vice-mayor for economic affairs in Ruhango district reveals that RAB delayed to pay farmers once because the produce wasn’t of the good quality.

They worked on cleaning the produce first and then paid the farmers.



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