Fertilizers enabled farmer to grow 250Kg banana

Fertilizers enabled farmer to grow 250Kg banana

Protais Nshimiyimana, a farmer, poses with his 250Kg banana cluster he produced with help of technology at Ajemac cooperative in Karongi

A combination of fertilizers and modern farming techniques enabled Protais Nshimiyimana, a farmer, from Karongi district Western province of Rwanda, to grow banana weighs at least 250Kgs.

After attaining some training in modern agricultural practices, Nshimiyimana says that he was able to transform his withered less productive banana plantation into a productive one, earning him more than Rwf300.000 per sale.

I was able to achieve this success because of getting agricultural skills and technology at Ajemac coop in Karongi. Through this I was able to learn how to revamp my planatation, that is why I can produce a 250Kg banana” Nshimiyimana says.

At the ongoing 9th agricultural show in Mulindi zone in Kigali, Nshimiyimana was the center of attraction for many farmers and people in agro business as he displayed one of the banana clusters weighing 250Kgs, about 5feet-which is longer than the size of a standard human being- and even longer than Nshimiyimana himself.

The ministry of agriculture has January 2013, made plans of opening channels for the private sector to take up the responsibility of importing fertilizers in the country, which has been the solely responsible for the ministry transactions since 2007

The Ministry of Agriculture & Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has established the Crop Intensification Program (CIP) to intensify the production of important staple crops through the use of agricultural inputs, such as varieties and fertilizers, among others, to increase the production and productivity of priority staple crops.

The Ministry envisions the fertilizer importation and distribution system as a sustainable way to disseminate sufficient quantities of fertilizers affordably and on a timely basis in line with the overall goal of promoting strong private sector involvement.

During a consultative meeting in December 2012, with key partners such as bankers, distributors and farmers representative, it was recommended that the private sector takes full responsibility of the exercise so as to increase the access and distribution of fertilizers.

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