Rwanda: 2012-2013 performance contracts to promote modern farming

 Farmers in the North of Rwanda will be sensitized on using ploughing machines in 2013-2013 performance contracts, the Northern Province Governor has remarked.

This was resolved on July 24th 2012 while reviewing the performance contracts during the meeting with different district leaders in Northern Province.

Using ploughing machines was implemented because every district of Northern Province has a machine but the next step is to find out if farmers get higher yields from them, asserts Governor Bosenibamwe.

Aime Bosenibamwe asks: “Are the ploughing machines answer the government’s desire to help residents in cultivation than using hoes? Or have they increased crops productivity than before?”

In March 2012, “Turwanye Ubukene” farmers’ cooperative in Cyeru sector in Burera district Northern Province was given a ploughing machine in order to promote its activities.

Thomas Muhigirwa, cooperative leader reveals that most of the farmers have not yet understood the use of a ploughing machine.

Burera district administration stresses that cooperatives were given machines and four months time of testing them so that farmers realize the importance of using machines in agriculture.

On the side of the farmers, they say the machines are being used but there is no set information of who will be responsible for its maintenance, paying the operator and buying the fuel.

On the issue of maintenance, Burera authorities promise to employ an expert in machinery so that farmers understand which machine parts are destroyed easily and how to replace them.






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