Rwanda could export pineapples to Seychelles

Parliamentarians from the Republic of Seychelles, hope to export pineapples from Rwanda, to provide for their home local markets.

Pineapples are said to be scarce and expensive in Seychelles with one costing about $30 equivalent to Rwf21000 in contrast to Rwf300 a pineapple costs in Rwanda.

Two parliamentarians from Seychelles are in Rwanda on a working visit. They toured Ngoma, a pineapple growing Rwandan district on March 26th, 2014.

 Rwanda could export pineapples to Seychelles

Dr Patrick Hermeni the Seychelles’ Parliament Speaker in Mugesera pineapple plantation

Dr. Patrick Hermeni, the Seychelles’ Parliament speaker and one of the Parliamentarians commended farmers in KOABANAMU cooperative. The cooperative grows pineapples on 480 hectares and harvest about 15 tons of pineapple weekly.

 Rwanda could export pineapples to Seychelles1

Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, the president of the Rwanda senate said if affected, pineapple trade between the two countries can promote relations and improve farmers earnings.

“They have confirmed the availability of the market; we will keep having talks and decide if we can provide their local market with what they need,” said the Senate President.

About 116 members of KOABANAMU pineapple farming cooperative have achieved a lot through ‘Land Use Consolidation’. Every member earns at least Rwf200, 000 monthly. Most of this cooperative’s produce is sold to Inyange Industries.

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