Rwanda | Nyanza: LWH opens the 2013A cultivation season

Rwanda | Nyanza LWH opensThe Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation (LWH) Project which operates in the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of Nyanza district officially started the 2013A cultivation season in Rwabicuma sector on the 25th.Sept.2012.

In the celebrations of function was attended by the district leaders, police, army, representatives of different organizations in the district related to agriculture sector including LWH and RAB and residents of Rwabicuma sector.

The action of officially opening the 2013A season was done in the terraces in Rwabicuma sector by preparing the places where beans and maize will be grown as Philbert Nkurunziza the coordinator of LWH project in the Southern province of Rwanda explained.

In this season, they plan on cultivating beans and maize on the 490 hectares on the prepared terraces. LWH is intended on improving the agriculture production in this province by making sure people produce enough for their consumption and for the market.

Jeanne Izabiliza the executive secretary of the Southern province who represented the governor in this function said that the reason this function was held in Rwabicuma sector is because Nyanza district intends to make it a center of food production.

According to Abdullah Murenzi the mayor of Nyanza district, this function was worth Rwf1.500.000


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