Land consolidation benefits Gisagara residents

Land consolidation benefits Gisagara residents

Farmers tilling land by hand hoes


As the programme of land consolidation, and farming continues in the district of Gisagara, many people have now started realizing the benefits of turning from growing many different crops on their land to the one crop selected since they are able to get higher productivity from the latter.

This programme was put to stop people from growing different crops which would benefit them less, and turn to the one crop selected which they argue is more productive for them.

Different people said that “changing from the farming they had, were they used to grow Sweet potatoes, sorghum and many more crops was hard, but now they are used to the system and do believe it is far much better”.

Anna Marie Mukamana said that “this programme was more productive to them, calling on other people who had not taken it on to do so in order to gain better results”.

With this, the Vice mayor concerned with economic development in the district Hesron Hategekimana called on people to participate in this programme saying that this is when they will achieve development as the programme”s main aim is.

He added on saying that “carrying out farming in one crop would make people get more food, and be also able to sell it on the market to get money for other needs”.

He called on the people in this district to always take part in the different programmes in agriculture since this is the main activity carried out by many of them.

This district is one that has less business activities going on .Many people are involved in agriculture for a living.



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