Nyamasheke fishermen decry fish price imbalances

Fishermen in the Western part of the country especially in the districts of Nyamasheke have decried the imbalance in the purchase prices for their fish harvest.

Cyangugu fishing society, the co-operative tendered to purchase fish from both Rusizi and Nyamasheke districts is being accused for paying Rwf1000 per kilogram of fish in Nyamasheke and doubling the price to Rwf2000 in Rusizi.

Fishermen further complained about ignorance of their fishing boundaries between the districts, in Lake Kivu which they share.

On January 13, 2014   both district Mayors resolved to temporarily stop Cyangugu Fishing co-operative from operating as they seek a long term solution to the fishermen issues. The meeting discussed ways to develop fishing through avoiding illegal fishing nets.

m_Nyamasheke fishermen decry fish price imbalances

The mayors of Nyamasheke and Rusizi, the army and Police attended the meeting

m_m_Nyamasheke fishermen decry fish price imbalances1

The meeting discussed the promotion of fishermen

Nyamasheke district has 9 legal fishing cooperatives while Rusizi has 7. Fishing is a lucrative business in both districts with a very high demand from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

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