Land consolidation increases maize production in Gakenke

 m_Land consolidation increases maize production in Gakenke

Agriculture officials in a meeting

Rwanda Agricultural Board administration has commended its representatives and farmers’ cooperatives in Gakenke district for the effort put in land consolidation and using artificial fertilizers.

Land consolidation has increased maize production in Northern Province, Gakenke and in Rwanda as a whole in a short period of time.

According to the statistics, 48000 hectares of land have been consolidated in Gakenke district and 72 per cent farmers use artificial fertilizers.

Terraces were made in most sectors of Gakenke district under Umurenge vision program (VUP) and resulted in high yields.

 m_Land consolidation increases maize production in Gakenke1

Participants during the meeting

Gakenke district administration says there is a lot to be done to improve on banana planting since some farmers use traditional methods, but in regard with land consolidation, the district is doing great.

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