Nyanza: Terracing increased farm productivity

Terracing increased farm productivity

Irish potatoes productivity increased by three times in Nyanza

Crop yields have recorded an increase in Nyanza District, an improvement that farmers and agronomists say it is as a result of terracing method introduced in recent years.

Residents in Rwabicuma sector in Nyanza district have said terraces contributed to the increasing of crop yields and the achievement is improving their living condition, according to a report presented on February 6th 2014 during the event to showcase agricultural achievements in Nyanza district.

On the display at the event were beans, bananas, maize, Irish potatoes, fruits and vegetables which are the outcomes of terracing in different parts of Rwabicuma sector.

During the event, different residents testified how negative attitude was the stumbling block and they were not ready to embrace terraces concept at first.

Julienne Nyirahabimana, from Rwabicuma sector in Nyanza district testified that she thought changing from traditional method to terraces would lead to terrible famine in the sector.

 “Our crops were traditional and soils had been destroyed by erosion. But we always thought the harvest is enough for us. That’s why we took time to accept the change”.

She reveals that on the piece of land that she could harvest over 5 kilograms of beans before, she harvests 25 kilograms now.

“We had worries that hunger might befall our area but we were surprised to see that yields increased than when we used traditional method of farming”, said another farmer Deny Ntakirutimana

Mr. John Kayijuka, executive secretary of Nyanza district and the guest of honor at the event said that residents were sensitized on the importance of the modern methods of agriculture.

“Sensitization helped us in changing residents’ negative attitude,” he noted.

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