Gisagara: Residents learn to make compost manure

Youth in the national service (Intore) in Gisagara district are educating residents how to make compost manure, a lesson intending to boost crop productivity.

m_Residents learn to make compost manure

National youth service activities in Gisagara district that started in 2013 include making compost manure to help residents increase production as an alternative to artificial fertilizers.

Residents of Rusagara cell in Kigembe sector are being taught how to create shallow holes for compost manure among other methods.

Jeanette Mugwaneza, one of the youth said they have been trained and told their role in the country’s development.

August Bigirimana, executive secretary of Kigembe sector highlighted that youth in national service contribute positively to modern agriculture and improve residents’ welfare.

“It’s crucial because some residents didn’t know how to make compost manure. Compost manure is affordable and it will increase productivity and social conditions as well since residents depend on agriculture”. He said

Bigirimana also advised youth to be patriotic and embrace national youth saying its one way of paving the bright future for them and their children.

There are 48 youth on national service in Kigembe sector in Gisagara district and carry out activities in their cells.


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