Nyamagabe: embarks on enforcing terracing to rejuvenate land

Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation Project (LWH) through the Rural Sector Support Project (RSSP) is helping Nyamagabe district in making productive terraces in Kibilizi sector.

m_embarks on enforcing  terracing to rejuvenate land

Wheat being grown on new terraces

RSSP aims at revitalizing the rural economy and improving the quality of life of the poor through increased transfer of technical financial resources for the sustainable rural development.

Some of the residents in Kibilizi sector where this program started say their land was affected by soil erosion and was no longer productive; they are looking forward to this program to revitalize their land.

“With the topography of our sector, we were always affected by erosion but with these new kinds of terraces, am sure erosion will not be an issue and fertilizers put in the soil will last and make it productive” said one farmer, Oswaldi Munyensaga

During the function to start farming season 2014 B last Friday, LWH/RSSP National coordinator  Jolly Dusabe said this program is part of Poverty Eradication Strategies through increasing crop production.

LWH/RSSP is employing local residents in making these terraces. Each person is paid Rwf1000 daily for the work done. The program has been going on for the last 2 months.

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