Gakenke: Farmers praise cooperatives for improved social welfare

m_Farmers praise cooperatives for improved social welfare

Members of “Twihangire umurimo” a cooperative for maize and beans growers in Gakenke district credit cooperatives for improving their livelihoods through increased yields.

“Before forming the cooperative, we mixed up crops and harvested low yields,” says Jean de Dieu Niyibizi, the cooperative President.

“After consolidating land, yields increased greatly. I now earn over Rwf100, 000 from three sacks of maize,” says Sipiriyane Ntawanguwe, co-operative member.

m_Farmers praise cooperatives for improved social welfare1

Jean de Dieu Niyibizi, cooperative President says the aim of the cooperative is to promote maize and beans’ growing

Twihangire Umurimo co-operative started its activities on 25 hectares, but now cultivates on over 700 hectares and owns other plots of land containing three drying places.

The cooperative has increased yields from 30 tons to over 800 tons of maize.

The cooperative expects to get up to Rwf15 million profits at the end of 2014.

The cooperative got legal entity in October 2012.It sells its produce to Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) after harvest. Beans are sold at over Rwf500 a kilo and maize Rwf350.

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